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    "super" methods?

      First, create a new component with a function that simply outputs (cfdumps) the "super" variable. I understand that all components extend a root component, but when you dump the top level it looks like it exposes the underlying methods. What are they, and can we use them?

      object of coldfusion.runtime.SuperScope

      invoke (returns java.lang.Object)
      main (returns void)
      put (returns java.lang.Object)
      clone (returns java.lang.Object)
      get (returns java.lang.Object)
      size (returns int)
      remove (returns java.lang.Object)
      clear (returns void)
      keys (returns interface java.util.Enumeration)
      containsKey (returns boolean)
      entrySet (returns interface java.util.Set)
      isEmpty (returns boolean)
      search (returns void)
      bind (returns coldfusion.runtime.Variable)
      bind (returns coldfusion.runtime.Variable)
      putCanonicalKey (returns java.lang.Object)
      cloneScope (returns void)
      getBacking (returns java.util.HashMap)
      replaceBacking (returns void)
      getCanonicalKey (returns java.lang.Object)
      bindInternal (returns coldfusion.runtime.Variable)
      bindInternal (returns coldfusion.runtime.Variable)
      putVariable (returns void)
      hashCode (returns int)
      equals (returns boolean)
      toString (returns java.lang.String)
      values (returns interface java.util.Collection)
      containsValue (returns boolean)
      keySet (returns interface java.util.Set)
      putAll (returns void)
      getClass (returns java.lang.Class)
      wait (returns void)
      wait (returns void)
      wait (returns void)
      notify (returns void)
      notifyAll (returns void)