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    Stabilization does not work after adding transitions in PE13




      the stabilizations tool in Premiere Elements 13 works great, the "No Motion" setting makes handheld videos look like they have been shot with a tripod.

      I can use it with multiple clips on the timeline and everything works finde.

      However, after I add transitions (like adaptive dissolve, but I tried others it is always the same) the stabilization does only work with the first clip.

      I tried adding the stabilization again. I also tried opening a new project. It is always the same result, after adding transitions only the first clip can be stabilized.

      If I toogle the "shake stabilizer" on and off I still see the change in the field of view (crop), but there is no stabilization and it is not possible to get the stabilization back as long as there is a transition between the clip and the one before.


      Is it really not possible to use transitions and stabilizations at the same time (would be completely absurd)?

      What can I do to overcome this bug?