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    Themes created from browser won't show up in iPhone app


      I created a few themes for a project at color.adobe.com (signed into my account) and went into my iPhone app (also signed into the same account), and tried to access the themes in the app. Tapped the plus sign, Creative Cloud, "My Library". "My Library" has old themes, but the new ones won't show up even after dragging down to update. I tried "unlocking" the themes, but that doesn't work.


      In fact, now I'm noticing only three of seven themes from the mobile Library are showing up in the browser. Is there some setting to sync them? I'm very confused.




      Okay, so apparently they were saved in "My Themes". Which begs the question, What is "My Library"? Is this some remnant from before you changed the spelling from Kuler to Color and deleted everything? How can I just save my themes into folders and not attempt to navigate the maze of Libraries, Themes, Files and whatever other subsections of repeated themes I have? I'd love to organize all my themes and have them sync between all my devices, but... I'm just so befuddled by the whole thing.