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    Developing Flex/Google Maps Site - How to


      I'm wanting to develop a Flex based Google Maps Application to one of my exisiting website.
      Basically I would like to take the Tree Menu on my site, and do the same thing but instead of a
      text listing of business, I would like to a interactive Flash-Google Map for people to navigate.
      My site is: http://www.thetricitiesbest.com/

      I found a site that in conception, is similiar, it is: http://beta.navx.com/en/#cat/poi/10310/amusement-park

      So now I am looking for what I need to get started on this.
      So far I see using Flex with the Google Flash Map API, anything else I will need for this.

      I look forward to any responses,

      Sean B. Halliday