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    Preferences won't change when trying to alter audio playback options?


      I am unable to hear any audio during RAM preview playback. When I scrub I can hear audio, and the waveform displays the appropriate audio wave, but when I play the RAM preview, no audio is heard.

      I have researched extensively how to fix this- my audio button is not muted, sound is turned on, I have tried through both my headphones and my computer speakers and neither works. I heard that the best approach is to go to After Effects preferences and change the audio hardware or audio output mapping options (from, say, Built-In Output to System Default, or otherwise fiddle with those controls until I find the option that works) but each time I change the audio preferences, click OK and try to play my audio, nothing happens.

      Furthermore, when I go back to preferences, the options are switched back to default- Map output for: Built-in Output (left and right blank); Default Device: Built-in Output. I have tried restarting AE, changing preferences, checked for updates to AE (I'm using version and there are no updates left for CS5.

      I am on a Macbook Pro, version 10.9.5.

      Please, any suggestions are highly appreciated.