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      Hi All,

      I'm having real difficulties writing a custom DropIn Renderer for a TileList. Simple principles:

      I have an Array of ByteArrays - image data that gets special treatment from Loader objects.
      Each "image" has a label of some kind.

      Writing just another component as per the docs, and specifying it as the renderer works OK up to a point, except a lot of functionality disappears from the item in the TileList.

      Items in the tile list are no longer selectable.
      Drag and drop doesn't work.

      If I use TileListItemRenderer with the ByteArray I get back the behaviours I need, but nothing is rendererd correctly (binary garble where the image should be and so forth).

      What does TileListItemRenderer do that magically gifts the joy of being able to select + drag and drop things properly?

      I've been trying to figure this out for a while and would appreciate any pointers. If more info is needed I'll post up some examples of troublesome code.

      Kind Regards and a Happy New Year to everyone...