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    Lightroom sticky sliders with latest Macbook Pro and "Force Click" trackpad.


      I took my new Macbook Pro on a tour in Europe to process images using Lightroom 5.4 and Photoshop CC2014.


      I encountered consistent problems in LIGHTROOM with the slider controls NOT releasing after I removed my finger from the trackpad.  If I tried to use the trackpad to move the cursor elsewhere on screen then ONLY the slider would respond. No button-pushes (e.g. ESC) would release the slider.  I took to Force-Quitting Lightroom to recover control, but lost plenty of work!  I eventually found that applying some extra-pressure punches to the trackpad would often release the slider.


      I accuse Lightroom of causing the problem because Photoshop did not cause such problems with its many sliders.


      Has anyone else had this issue?