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    Firefox black, IE and Chrome are fine?

    foj Level 1

      Hi posted a similar question before a few weeks ago, but got no answer, if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.


      I am testing locally via Preview In Browser. IE and Crome behave as expected, Firefox sometimes displays everything alright but more usually shows a black-box.


      I can get the black-box to change to a non-interactive image of the starting screen by right-clicking to select Inspect Element, and changing Style Edition {visibility: hidden} to {visibility: show}, image attached.


      I am guessing it may be something to do my my security settings, but have no idea what. I am using F-Secure AV (which uses Windows Firewall).


      I also started getting a warning today whenever I save - fortunately it does save OK - is this related? Image attached.


      Details: OS Win 7 64bit, EA v.2014.1.1.