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    display richtexteditor content with textformat tags in HTML page as displayed in Flex

    ahsijetaisriche Level 1

      We have a Flex 3 application using the Rich Text Editor on several screen fields.

      The content entered by users in these fields are stored in a MySQL database.

      We want to display that content on a "standard" web site using HTML pages.

      The result is not satisfactory. For instance, texts are displayed much bigger in web pages than in the Flex app.

      We look at the content in the database and it contains non standard "textformat" tags with properties such as font, size, color, etc.

      Some properties (color, font) are handled by the browsers but some (size) are not.

      Is there a way to automatically convert these tags to standard HTML and CSS tags, or to directly store in the database the content of the component as full HTML/CSS standard?