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    different hue or tint between Adobe color and Adobe PS

    Steve OKeefe

      I use an Apple iMac which is calibrated using Datacolor Spyder 3. I have a customer using a PC which has been calibrated using the very same Datacolor Spyder 3. I am photographing a product that is colour critical for them. Using Adobe Color CC the customer has identified the colour that is closest to their product.


      We both have copies of the same product.


      Using Adobe Color CC I have identified the HEX code F2FA63. I then go to PS CC and select that code for the paint brush but the resultant Hue is different when I place them side by side on my own screen. The colour in PS CC has a lime green tint compared to a yellow on Adobe Color CC.


      I have used my screen calibration colour profile, RGB and sRGB colour spaces but the effect is the same.


      I need to trust that the colour the customer sees is the same one I see on identically calibrated screens.


      Am I missing something?