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    Passing values SWF->Window Component (SWF)


      Can someone help me with this? I've posted on other forums and no-one seems to know the answer to this.

      My Flash App consists of a main swf, a button which when clicked creates a Popup and loads an external swf like so

      myWindow = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopup(_root, mx.containers.Window, true, (title:"My Title", contentPath:"Status.swf"});

      so far so good...

      After I create the window and load the external swf I use LocalConnection to pass values between the swfs eg.

      sendingLC = new LocalConnection();
      sendingLC.send("lc_name", "myMethod", txtUniqueID);

      now i can pass values between swfs fine if I run the swfs in separate players (or debugging both swfs in flash mx), but I can't pass in a value to a swf that is loaded in a window component into the main swf

      Would be really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.