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    CC desktop UI Updated Automatically

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi Guys

      Until today my Desktop Manager updated by request message only when you opened the UI. Today I was surprised to find it launched v2.1.0.108 automatically and I have a new UI.


      Two things are not quite right, though:


      1. The Home page says it has updated but the loading timer wheel thingy keeps going round and round.


      2. On the Apps page, I have "open" buttons against all my loaded programmes, except my previous CC version of Illustrator. That just says "up to date". Why is that (or is that the reason the timer wheel keeps revolving on the Home Page?)


      Overall there have been a shed full of problems with Acrobat DC doing things automatically. With my automatic update of the CC Manager, I ask myself if this is a hint Adobe are starting to design their apps to do things automatically, without giving customers the right to chose when (or even if) we want something installed or uninstalled on our property???


      Apologies now to Adobe for sounding paranoid and I am probably just making 2+2 equal 44,00000. But If there is a new Adobe installation policy we, the enslaved monthly subscribers that create Adobe's profits, should be told up front now.