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    Lightroom on two computers

    Pets73 Level 1

      I'm going away and want access to my photos from my laptop rather than my usual desktop, so that I can continue to keyword images while away.

      Then I want to come back and access the updated files and images etc with their new keywords on my desktop mac.


      I also want to do this with Bridge/.

      My photos are stored on an external drive, but the catalogs for both light room and bridge are on my main desktop hard drive.

      Would I just drag them over onto my thunderbolt drive ? Which files ? Anything else I need to do? How will the newly relocated catalog files of LR know where the photos are ? Will they know because I wont have moved them?


      Urgent answer needed thanks..

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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there,


          See if the suggestions in this related forum thread help you out:


          Sync LR Catalog between 2 computers but not master files


          Bon voyage!

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            dj_paige Level 9

            The idea of using Lightroom to do this at times and Bridge to do this at other times only confuses the matter and makes mistakes more likely. What mistakes? The mistakes happen when you apply the keywords using one application or the other, and the 2nd application doesn't know about the keyword (which, by default, is what will happen). You can override this default behavior by manual action (which in my opinion isn't worth the effort) and if you forget to perform this manual action, now you have mismatched keywords in the two different applications. Stick to one application. Make your life simple.

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              Pets73 Level 1

              aha, you again Dj_paige. Always so quick to make assumptions and get short with people. (at least it sounds that way from your reply) I am talking about using the two applications (and their keywords) separately from eachother. Light room I use with photos from my cameras. Unfortunately Lightroom can't see other file types like psd, ai, pdfs etc. SO I use Bridge to view a whole other set of design files along with screenshots and other images that have arrived on my computer and need to be regularly filed (or keyworded ) in Bridge . If I had to constantly import them to get Light room to see them -without their associated design files- it would be a nightmare for me. I agree it's not a perfect situation but so far there isn't any other solution, other than to ONLY use Bridge but it seems to crash a lot and there are certain features of LR that I like. 


              Thanks for that link ProDesignTools  - I saw it but it made my heart sink, I just don't have time to plough through that level of technicality.


              I wish someone helpful would just answer my questions above?