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    Aerender failing to render layers with CC Force Motion Blur applied

    ericsbowman Level 1

      I have a strange error right now. I’m using CC Force Motion blur, overriding the native MB settings, and have a high shutter angle of 1500. When rendering inside AE from the render queue, or using Adobe Media Encoder the comp renders perfectly fine.


      Here’s the problem. If using aerender to render the comp, any layer that uses CC Force Motion Blur fails to render. As in, it just doesn’t render and the layer is invisible when I look at the rendered image sequence. Has anyone had this issue with CC Force Motion Blur?


      BTW, I did try to decrease the shutter angle to see if that was killing aerender but that did not help. I prefer to use aerender because in my experience it almost always finishes far quicker than using AME and I obviously can continue working inside AE.

      Looking forward to hearing from others regarding this issue. Thanks.

      Forgot to mention specs:

      OS: Yosemite 10.10.3

      AE: 2014.2 (After Effects CC

      CC: Cycore Effects HD 1.7.8, CC Force Motion Blur v 1.8

      Comp: 1080p at 30fps

      Exporting to: 1080p TGA or TIFF sequence 16-bit color.


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