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    Is there an automation in .indd for converting multi-page spreads to single letter-sized pages?

    g2creativeservices Level 1

      I recently updated an 8-page roll-fold newsletter for a client. I inherited the .indd file from a previous designer. It is set up in two spreads, each 34"w x 11"h with an 1/8" bleed. I introduced the client to Issuu.com and showed them how they could embed a little flip-book of their newsletter on their website. They're all excited about that, so now I have to chop the two 4-page spreads into 8 individual letter-sized pages so that the flip book will work as intended.


      It occurred to me that the ability to automate a conversion from multipage spreads to single letter-sized pages would be an amazingly useful feature. I imagine it functioning the way the "rotate spread" option functions in the view menu. For instance, a "convert pages to x"  or "convert spread to x" option -- with the variable being a drop down menu offering a conversion to rollfold, gatefold, z-fold, etc. (or the reverse, if you were trying to convert a spread to single pages).


      With this feature, it would be so easy to show clients how their piece might look printed various ways. And it would give those of us who work in both digital and print environments an easy way to integrate a client's print collateral into their digital environment... #INDDWISHLIST


      However, since I'm assuming this feature would be horribly difficult to code, does anyone know of any other script, plugin, or workaround for automating / simplifying the conversion of a multi-page spread into single pages? The only thing I can think to do would be to export as a .pdf, chop it into 8.5 x 11" pages in photoshop (or acrobat), and then reassemble those pieces into a new .pdf to upload to Issuu.com or some other digital publishing tool.


      Thanks to anyone with any advice on how to make the process less clunky. I would rate myself as an intermediate Adobe CC user; I definitely do not know all the tricks.