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    Shockwave 3D future?

    3DMedia Toonz!
      Hi to everybody, i want to open a discussion about the future of SW3D.
      This is, for us, the most "usable" 3D enviroment for CD-ROMs and little applications but, since the first relase, in Director 8.5, no significant upgrades are relased.
      - What are the planning of Adobe/Macromedia abuot the future of Shockwave 3D?
      - New version of Autodesk 3DStudioMax is relased (rel.9) but the sw3d exporter is NOT included!
      - Director seems "hide itself" in the adobe website!

      ---sorry fot my english!--
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          I agree, both Macromedia and Adobe have been amazingly lax in promoting a
          great product (when used to its full potential!). We all suffer as
          developers when the corporate suits don't realize what they have there with

          I heard that a new version of Director will be coming out this year, and may
          have some form of 3D improvements, but how minor they'll be we'll just have
          to wait and see.

          Anyone else heard any gossip?

          Happy New Year Lingoers!

          Richard Smith

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            As Richared mentioned, the next version of Director is to be released this year.
            This announcement is part of a Director FAQ at:

            Director was 'hidden' even on the Macromeda site. At least Shockwave has a link on
            the front page which was not the case with Macromedia.

            As to Max 9 not including a w3d exporter, I did contact Autodesk about this and was
            told there was a compatibility problem relating to the higher bit depth support of
            Max 9. But, they were working on it and plan to release a patch at a later stage to
            support it.

            For Autodesk, w3d was not a priority to hold up the release of Max 9. Adobe have
            inherited a lot of neglect in Director from Macromedia. They have a lot of work
            ahead of them in a range of features. So, we all hope that this year's Director
            will show Adobe's commitment to the long term life of this great product. For now,
            there is no public information available on what they're working on.


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              Well, I think that might be a double edged sword.

              On the one hand Director is fading because of shoddy documentation, support, and an antiquated scripting language. Most developers focus on Flex and Flash.

              But the developers who know the power of Director should market their abilities properly. The market doesn't know what it needs or what exists if we don't show it to them. Director is an extremely powerful tool for the web and other medium, and while Flash Developers are becoming dime/dozen, Director Developers are becoming high demand.

              Keep recruiting great artist and pushing quality work into the public eye and Director will be the new Gold Mine!! Believe that!