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    Binding to Rendered Chart Data

      Since my users don't have a consistent means of data collection... I have to interpolate a LineSeries with a custom chart.

      Since I wish to Associate a Horizontal slider and bind a text box to the interpolated series values based on the currentSlider.value

      ....How do I access the "Rendered Data" after interpolation so that I can add functionality to change the text box values as this slider moves... as in

      Data Provider:
      private var lwData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection( [
      { Month: "0", kg: 2, length: 40},
      { Month: ".5", kg:'', length:''},
      { Month: "1", kg: 2.5, length: 44.5}, ..........

      HSlider Event:
      private function sliderChangeLive(event:SliderEvent):void {
      var currentSlider:Slider=Slider(event.currentTarget);

      Line Series:
      <mx:LineSeries id="weight" xField="Month" yField="kg" form="curve" displayName="Weight" interpolateValues="true"/>

      <mx:HSlider change="sliderChangeLive(event);" liveDragging="true" x="95" y="0" width="410" minimum="0" maximum="36" tickInterval="3" labels="['Birth', '36']" />

      Text Box:
      <mx:TextArea x="50" y="9" width="40" height="18" text="5" verticalCenter="0" borderColor="#408080" >

      More detailed question posed Here ....