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    Cannot highlight text in Android, doc works fine in Win7 PC



      I am using Adobe Acrobat DC v15.0.2  Build: 116303 on Android v5.0 on a Galaxy S5 Sport.


      I'm having problems highlighting text in one particular document, a Security+ cert study guide.  On other documents I’ve tried text highlighting works just fine on the phone.  It is just this one document that is having problems, this is a 942 pages, 39.7MB file. And below is a pic with its security parameters.  Note that I can highlight text on this document on the PC just fine. PC is Win7 64 with Adobe Reader 11.0.10. I tried putting the document on both the phone memory card and internal memory, same result, when I select text, the menu only shows the option to copy.  All this is in “Viewer” mode, if I attempt to select the “Comment” mode, I get the “Restricted Document” error saying that I cannot do that “due to the document’s security settings”.  But the security settings allow comments and highlighting, as it works fine on the PC.


      Please help.  I am leaving this request for help after doing a considerable amount of googling and finding no answers.