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    1 set password

    Sin D
      I need a page with a password that is the same password for everyone. The password is only to discourage individuals who don't need to know large group pricing.
      If the password passes the viewer will be directed to a url...Can I do that?
      If the password fails the viewer will be directed to a fail frame.
      I use Flash 8, so "eq" doesn't work. "just so you know this is not without any effort~ After 2 weeks of trying to deal with GoDaddy and through them MySql I am totally fried. I finally set up a simple CGI script to see if I could go that route but Godaddy will only direct user back to the root index and I get an email everytime you try to sign in. LOL..."
      I like Flash so I would like to use it, but I am open to html code too, I have Dreamweaver..
      Would someone help me script this....PLEEZE>>>>>Help me start my New Year out right<<<<<<. If the script works and I use it I will be happy to compensate you for it.