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    In LR CC 2015 how do you add text to either a single photo or a collage in the PRINT module?

    FWG99 Level 1

      I am trying to construct a photo album of my family history and have found some old photos (pre 1890 so not digital!) which I have scanned into digital files. I have successfully "Tarted" them to get rid of dust  and sharpened them etc but now want to do the simple task of adding a caption to say who they are. I can find nothing on the help pages other than some references to earlier versions of LR but the features referenced are seemingly no longer included in the latest version which I have. In such a powerful program I do not believe I can't add text but so far I have failed and after many frustrating hours am now throwing myself on your collective knowledge. I can't be the first person who wants to tell his grandchildren who these old folks are in the photos!

      My ultimate aim is to send a digital collage collection to a commercial printer to produce a finished album of about 500 photos so that is a lot of captions to add!!!!