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    CR2 > DNG

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      I have never bothered to convert to DNG, the native CR2 files have been fine and I didn't want or need to add a step. I'm starting to take another look at DNG and weaving it into the studio workflow. In particular the lossy compressed format for archiving may be useful.


      Is there a practical user document that fills the gap between this basic page Photoshop Help | Digital Negative (DNG)  and the DNG specification http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/products/photoshop/pdfs/dng_spec_1.4.0.0.p df


      What are the losses in the lossy compression, a reduction or clipping of luminance or chrominance values?

      How does a compressed or reduced size DNG compare to sRaw and mRaw?


      Has anyone created an updated Automator script for drag and drop conversions, similar to the one written by Ben Long but includes the new DNG features?


      thanks in advance,