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    Why won't ColdFusion 11 add-on services run?

    lchalnick Level 1

      I have a new, functional install of ColdFusion 11 (11,0,04,293328) installed on a Windows 2012 R2 VM. The CF server is up and running w/o issue. It was installed using default directories.


      I just d/l'ed and installed the add-on services using defaults as well.


      I cannot get the add on services to run. Using the Windows Services applet, When I start the add-on services, that start right up in just a second or two and then if I hit F5 to refresh, I can see that they're actually not running,


      I looked through the add-on services installation log and everything indicates "successful". There appear to be no issues.


      Any suggestions on what to look at next? Something particular to look for in some log file perhaps?