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    windows 10 video cache



      There seems to be some sort of problem between W10 and AL(15). My C: drive fills up, and I've narrowed it down to AL's video cache folder. Video cache is set to max 3GB, but on my disk this ended up as 70GB (no more HDD Space).

      This is the second time. The first time I just played the format c: game, so it's a clean install this time.


      Of course, I would'nt blame Adobe for this (W10 is beta), but I would like to inform about the problem so it could be fixed. Either from Adobe or MS. But I want AL back. Otherwise I'll have to do all my photo-sorting at work. On a mac (I think Apple would prefer their name in miniuscles rather than majuscles).





      PS: Sorry for my bad English. I'm Norwegian, and we only speak in runes. Also I'm a bit drunk on mead.

      PPS: Move the post button and Cancel button upwards. When you have to scroll on a 1920x1200 screen to find the button its not user friendly. I would suggest below the @mention and !App links.