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    help with editing system from scratch


      Hello ~


      I’m an absolute beginner in video editing (went to film school and edited film back in the day) and am starting from scratch to set up my first digital editing system.  I will get Adobe Premiere Pro software and am hoping for advice about what type of computer to get. 


      I’m a video archivist for a Buddhist group and must edit 40+ hours of raw footage into a series of mini documentaries suitable for public presentations.  My camera is the Canon Vixia HF G20 -- mpeg-4 AVC/H.264; video signal 1080.  I’d like to have really good hardware that I can grow into as I acquire the skills for it.


      I’m used to PC but have some Mac experience.  I was all set to get an iMac but, from skimming around this forum, it seems like most people prefer PC?  I have professional editor friends who say that Mac products are superior for this type of work but who knows, maybe they drank the Kool-Aid?  I’d be extremely grateful for advice about this. 


      If you end up advising me to go with a PC system, that’s great, but just know that I haven’t a clue about building one.  I do have a good tech guy who could do it, and our Best Buy says they build custom systems.  Or if readymade’s the way to go, specific model recommendations would be appreciated. 

      Specs would also be great (like how much RAM & memory & what kind of graphics card, etc.)  And, good company to order from?


      Thank you,