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    Is anybody having issues with the new project editor?


      Either I'm missing something or it would seem the implications of these changes to the project editor were not completely thought through in beta in terms of how it might affect viewing work that was previously uploaded in the older editor.


      What was great about the the earlier project editor was that the regular viewing size of 600px is a very comfortable viewing size, with the capability of enlarging the images to 1200px when the user desires.


      With the new editor, images are defaulting at 1200px, a size I find a little too big for viewing a lot of work at first glance, furthermore, clicking on the image doesn't produce any real change, so the lightbox feature has lost an important part of its value.


      In the new editor, the text is still occupying the same width as it did in the old editor, rather than expanding accordingly to the new width. This looks fine for centered text alignment but not for flush left alignment.


      Unless I edit all of my previously uploaded work, the experience of viewing work is now a mixed bag — some projects show at 600px and some show at 1200px.


      It also seems horizontal view is not supported on mobile devices now, whereas, in the past it was.

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi there,

          Thanks for writing. When we updated to the new project editor, we had to make a few design decisions: many, many members have been asking for larger image displays for years, but there are other elements to a project, not just images.

          In the current editor, text boxes display at 800px wide.  Images display at the size they’re uploaded up to 1200px, so if you’d like everything to be in line, you’ll want to upload at 800px.  (We tested a 1200px wide text box, but unless you added a lot of text or raised the size of your font, the sizing didn’t work/looked wrong)

          You may be finding old projects appearing now at 1200px when you attempt to edit them—those images were likely uploaded at that size or larger, so now that the display size as doubled, those images have automatically resized to fit the new editor.  If you prefer the old sizing, you’ll want to upload images that meet your ideal project size.

          We see that you've also written a ticket into our support team, so we can continue the discussion there if you'd like! (Our official support is the better place to have a one-on-one convo, and we have more agents on it, so you'll get a better response time there than on these forums).

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            Ephemera Level 1

            Hi Sarah -


            Thanks for your reply and explanations. I wrote directly to support as well and received a similar reply as yours.


            I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but none of the replies has addressed lightbox issue.


            For me, that lightbox feature of loading images at 1200px and having them display at 600px was perfect. Any viewer could see the images at double the size (1200px width) by clicking on the image and going into lightbox mode.

            Plus the default size of 600px was easier to view more information at a glance and the pages scrolled faster. It was also easier to edit the projects at 600px.


            With the new larger width as the default size, the lightbox tool has lost its most valuable feature, on both desktop and mobile devices.


            As it is now, I have a ton of project images loaded at 1200px that will default to actual size if I make any edits. But now the text won't be inline because that has a 800px width. If I want everything to look as good as it did before, I have to re-size well over 350 images to 800px and lose the enlarging feature of the lightbox tool at the same time.


            I'm just wondering — is it possible to have the same system with the new editor and maximum width as you had with the earlier editor: load images at 1400px and they will display at 700px, and clicking on the image displays full size.

            Or at least have the choice for the default display size to be smaller than the full size. That would make all the re-sizing more worthy of the effort it will entail.


            Thanks for listening,


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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hello - we'll certainly take that feedback to the product team. No, there is not a way to return to the old format.



              The Behance Team