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    Serial number no longer valid


      Hello there (whomever may be reading this),


      I purchased Adobe Creative Suite Education Edition (while I was still in college). I used the serial number, everything worked fine.


      I have graduated college, still using the same program. A few months ago, my hard drive was clicking, so I had a tech guy copy the hard drive to a new one. Opened up Premiere, needed my serial number. I entered it, everything worked fine.


      Last night, I was updating creative cloud - I have quite a few of dvd's I need to make because I recorded a dance recital, so I thought it would help speed things up if everything was up to date. I was using Encore, making one of the mentioned dvds (which was still going this morning when I got up). I just now got home from work, and I try to open encore and premiere (need to fix a few things on the dvd). It asks for my serial number, so I entered the same one I have the past 2 times. It says the serial number is invalid. Please help - I need to get these dvds done soon.