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    Flash Player Problem is frustrating and confusing...


      I'm not usually on a forum, but I am at the point of banging my head on my laptop. I've owned my laptop for a few years and since I've owned it I've had FlashPlayer issues. It's up to date and everything, but seems to "forget" it's installed. If I just turn it on, open IE and try to do anything using FlashPlayer I get the message that it needs to be installed. Which it is and is enabled, but I go for it anyway. It gets to 90% before it tells me, something to the effect, that I do not have sufficient user privilege. I do though. I found one article that gives you step by step instruction to basically turn over your computer to yourself and give you complete authority over it. FlashPlayer cared nothing for that. So, I go to the help page and it checks to see if I already have it installed...again...it says I do, then it magically works. Until I either shut my computer down or it goes to sleep.

      I'm at a loss for what to do. Has anybody else experienced this or know of a sure-fire way to fix it? Anything would be useful and much appreciated. Thank you