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    updating trouble


      I use a mac, I am needing to update it. It is letting me update it. no troubles there. even says 'update is complete' etc etc. But when i go into sites it still says 'flash player out of date'…. have retried half a dozen times… am i missing something….??

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          pwillener Level 8

          So what is your installed Flash Player version?  On what browser?


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            LJHarlow Level 1

            ummm it takes me to Version and i use safari

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi LJHarlow,


              Version is the latest version.


              Have you restarted Safari after installing Flash Player? If not, please restart it.  Based on user feedback we made a change to the Flash Player in the latest ( release that does not require the browser to be closed to install Flash Player (there is messaging when installation completes).  However, some browsers do not load the newly installed Flash Player until the browser is restarted.    Unfortunately, Safari is one of the browsers that needs to be restarted in order to load the newly installed Flash Player version.  We have informed Apple of this, however, I do not know when/if they will implement a fix in the browser.