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    Light Room CC : How to relocate the media cache files folder into another location?


      Hi guys,


      Like lots of  people my Syst drive is an SSD drive. Where I put only My os and my Apps.  Not too much space for anything Else. I recently sign for adobe light room cc. I imported my photo folder and videos. Light room has created a massive amount of files in my c drive.

      C:\Users\ThePerfectRedBox\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files

      C:\Users\ThePerfectRedBox\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Video\Media Cache Files


      About 35 GIGS. I have no more space in to my drive. I need to relocate this folder. I tried the trick from Microsoft, the relocate option in the property tab. this does not work. It is not locatable this way.


      Any other way to relocate this folder?


      Note : I try to delete it, but Light room reconstructed it  every time.


      thank you for your help