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    Lightroom CC/6 Crashes on Videos in Win 7/64

    Henrik Nerr Level 1

      Hello, when i try to play any video (mov, mp4, wmv), Lightroom CC (6) will crash on my Win 7/64 machine. On the same computer, Lightroom 5 *does* play the videos. On a Win 8 machine, Lightroom CC (6) also plays the videos.


      Quicktime is not installed anywhere, but has been on the Win 7 computer which hadn't helped. Otherwise LR and many other programs (apps) work well.


      So the problem lies soleley with Lightroom CC (6) on Win 7. How can i make LR CC play videos on Win 7?


      I used to have messages after closing Lightroom CC like "Media Core doesn't work any more". Especially when i was using Acrobat Reader at the same tame. I used to have Quicktime installed when i first tried.


      After uninstalling Quicktime and rebooting, i didn't get this "Media Core" message any more. But still videos wouldn't play: After the double-click onto a video thumbnail, LR CC crashes.


      Quicktime is obviously not necessary for Lightroom, even though LR now displays a warning that i should re-install it:

      - LR 5 on the Win 7 machine does play the videos also after removing Quicktime

      - LR CC on the Win 8 computer plays the videos as well, and there's no Quicktime either


      I would very much like to keep Quicktime away from my computers and it doesn't seem necessary (see above), even if LR produces messages to make me install QT. If there's good evidence that QT actually helps, i will need to bring it back.


      On the problematic Win 7 computer, I do have an oldfashioned Matrox graphics card, which doesn't support special new Adobe features drawn from the graphics card, and graphics enhancements are disabled on LR CC's preferences. But this has been so with my Photoshop for a long time, and i never had trouble with Photoshop on the Win 7 computer (Photoshop also plays videos, as does Bridge, also Premiere works). The crash report (fully below) seems to indicate that a Matrox DLL causes the problem: Error Module Name MxMGLV64.dll. Searching this file name together with "Lightroom" or "Adobe" doesn't bring interesting results.


      The graphics driver was updated a few months ago and i dislike to update it often, because apart from LR CC with videos, everything works very well and even though there had been no problems with previous updates (apart from that it's not user friendly and not so easy for unexperienced people).


      I used to have LR CC crash when trying new features in the LR CC Slide Show module, and the reason also seemed to be the graphic card. But this crash in the Slide Show module seems to have gone.


      Online i saw a few discussions about this problem, but they were very complicated. One suggestion was to open the Windows Firewall for Lightroom. This seems complicated and i am no expert at all. I think i managed to get an exception for incoming connections for lightroom.exe. This didn't help one bit. Is there anything else i could do?


      So, how to make LR CC play videos on Win 7?




      1. PS.

      Aware that i could help myself by simply doing video tasks on the Win 7 computer with LR 5. But i need to use LR CC on the Win 7 machine, hence my question how to get LR 6 working with videos on Win 7. Also aware that Lightroom's video functions are limited.





      Crash Report when LR CC fails on the Win 7 computer:

        Problemereignisname:                      APPCRASH

        Anwendungsname:                            lightroom.exe


        Anwendungszeitstempel:                  553af4c6

        Fehlermodulname:                             MxMGLV64.dll (from Matrox graphic card)


        Fehlermodulzeitstempel:                   522f9a01

        Ausnahmecode:                                 c000041d

        Ausnahmeoffset:                                00000000000e1c7f

        Operating system:                              6.1.7601.