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    In expert view Add media menu.


      In expert view Add media menu.

      when I adding a file from folder,

      I select a file and click open button,

      but not opened.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system?


          Have you been able to import "anything" into a new project using Expert workspace of assumed 11, 12, or 13/Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets?

          Does the problem exist even if you start a new project?

          Can you use Add Media/Files and Folders to bring your files into the Filmstrip spaces when you are using the Quick rather than the Expert workspace? If so, if you bring your file into Quick (which has no Project Assets Palette) and then switch to Expert, can you open Expert workspace's Project Assets to find the file there?


          Also, what happens if you cascade / resize windows and drag drop the file into the Expert workspace Timeline? Does that trigger Project Assets to open displaying the file's thumbnail?


          Let us start and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            marusot Level 1



            1. Elements 11,  and Window 8.1 system.

            2. Recently, I made some videos with this program.

            3. In this case, The work rate fell before the problem occurred. The computer was shut down in the works. so,  I was worried about the lack of capacity of the hard disk. I think the reason is (may be) the lack of capacity of the hard disk.


            4. I check the system.

               C: 107GB,  and Available space is 3.4GB. 8GB RAM.

            5. To increase the capacity of the hard disk, I erased duplicate files at c:/user/Appdata using the 'Dup scout' program.

                Available space increased to 12.4GB.

            6. After such work, the program loading speed is too late, but work was easy.  Until that time I thought I'd have no problem.


            7. Today I have tried to open the Elements 11 program to work.

                I clicked 'Existing project' but failed loading files that I created.

                'Existing project' and 'New project' are stopped work..

            8. What should I do?


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up information.


              I have not worked with this Dup scout program as a computer cleaner. Consequently, I am not sure of the extent of the intended use for getting rid of duplicate files.


              If you have the 11 installation files or disc and the purchased serial number, I would do the following


              1. Uninstall the program the usual Control Panel way.


              2. Do a free ccleaner run through (regular and registry cleaner parts) to get rid of leftovers from incomplete uninstalls reinstalls of Adobe and non-Adobe products.

              CCleaner - PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download


              3. Reinstall the program with the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


              Please review and consider, and let us know if the above resolved any (or all) of the problems. Any questions or need clarification on this, please do not hesitate to ask.


              Thank you.



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                marusot Level 1

                Thanks A T Romano



                I formatted the C drive and reinstalled Windows and Premiere  Elements 11.


                one more Question.


                In Expert View I unlinked a video and a audio on the timeline and deleted a audio.

                How can I recover deleted audio?


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Even though you delete the audio at the Timeline level, there is still a copy of the whole file in Expert workspace Project Assets.


                  One idea might be to drag another copy of the file from Project Assets to the Timeline, right click the Timeline file, select Delete Video from the pop up menu, and end up with just your audio file.


                  By the way, you do not have to unlink lined video and audio to get rid of the video part or the audio part. Just right click the linked file, and select either Delete Video or Delete Audio.


                  Please let us know if you are OK with the above details. If not, I will think about this some more.


                  Thanks for the follow up. Appreciated.




                  Add On...is everything working now?

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                    marusot Level 1




                    Thank you.


                    I succeeded in replacing a audio and video file by the way You led me.


                    Thanks for your friendly answer.



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Wonderful news of your success. Great job.


                      Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or need clarifications on your Premiere Elements workflows. Glad to be of assistance.


                      Best wishes moving forward with your Premiere Elements project.



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                        marusot Level 1

                        Ele11_Edit_Project Settings_General_How to change.jpg

                        Premiere Elememts 11.

                        How can I change the frame horizontal size from 1920 to 1620.

                        That number is fixed.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          You cannot change the 1920 to 1620 in the Edit Menu/Project Settings/General settings that you show in your screenshot.


                          That area reflects what has been set for the project preset by you (manually) or the project (automatically). And, the typical remark is that you cannot change a project preset after is has been established. You start a new project to get the correct project preset. In this case, there is no 1620 x 1080 project preset.

                          The Project Settings dialog is good for verifying what project preset has been set, but you cannot make significant changes in the project settings there.


                          I have described the following which may be more work than it is worth, but see the principles involved in the following...we would have to factor in your specifics


                          for changing project settings without starting a new project....

                          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE11: Changing Project Settings Without Starting A New Project


                          for creating a customized project preset...

                          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Project Preset with 21:9 Display Aspect Ratio..


                          Please consider and give more details. Perhaps we can figure out a workflow that will accommodate source media 1620 x 1080 which appears to be 3:2 and not 4:3 or 16:9.