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    Why my Student Teacher membership is still pending after two weeks of purchace?


      I ordered Student Teacher license in 29. of May but it seems like I'm unable to download and use applications because my order is still pending.


      My information page shows that my emails should be confirmed and under orders-title it shows that payment has been charged from my credit card. But I'm not sure if the trouble is that before I ordered Student Teacher license I had free trial. That free trial was under different email than I changed it into couple of days ago (the Adobe ID is the same anyways, didn't make a new one). I thought that maybe it would make order handling a bit faster to change the email into one that is connected to my school. Thou the school email was asked when I purchased the license online. But I'm not sure did I get confirmation email that time, but I did confirm it at least couple of days ago surely.


      To mention, I also tried downloading creative cloud desktop app and after that other applications I'd prefer, but apps were telling that trial has ended and I'd need to place a serial number to license apps. And I read that you don't need to use serial keys when having student teacher license, or did I miss something?


      So now I'm not sure why order is still pending, is it the old free trial, change of email, late email confirmation, serial keys hiding or something else. I really need to be able to use the applications asap so help is much appreciated!