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    Creating ocean without plugins


      Hello there!


      I would be more than thankful for any tips on how to create an ocean surface and waves without plugins in AF CS4.  Been looking for a tutorial on Youtube for so long that I am almost giving up. Would much appreciate any help!

      I am also rather new using AF so please, simple advice would work best. :-)


      Thank you so very much!


      With kind regards, Johanna

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you see the links in this link:


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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What you are asking is not at all simple. It involves creating animated displacement maps, textures and then combining the layers in a composite. I've been using After Effects since it was invented and it would probably take me several hours to figure out how to do this without a plug-in. Psunami does a fairly good job of creating an ocean surface without breaking whitecaps. All the plug-in does is combine dozens of displacement effects in a single interface.


            Depending on what you want your shot to look like there are different approaches that you would take. My suggestion would be to use another program like Blender or the Student Version of C4D or other 3D software to create your ocean surface there and render the result for use in AE. Again, this is not a simple, click here adjust that process that can be explained in a 5 minute tutorial. Fluid simulations are among the most difficult things to do with software. Here's a tutorial using Blender (free and open source and powerful): Create Realistic Oceans - Blender 3D Tutorial - Dark Scarab


            Please post a sample image of what you are trying to create so we can point you in a better direction.

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              JohannaAnimator Level 1

              Thank you very much! That Vimeo tutorial might just work! :-) I will try.

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                JohannaAnimator Level 1

                Thank you, Rick! I believe you are correct about that difficulity level. The ocean I will try to make will not have to be very realistic. Just a little bit realistic and I think that Vimeo link I was sent before might work. It will be just a part of my summer studies where I am just testing different AF stuff. I will save the Blender link you sent me tho. I will have to learn about Blender, too at some point. Thank you very much for your kindness! :-) Johanna