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    Q: LR6 will slow down while reworking till it crashes.?


      I´m loading a folder with a lot of canon raw´s (5DMK2). Some of them have to be reworked. After each reworked photo i´m going to "export" this to jpg. in another file. All in all working fine. But LR seems to put informations in a memory which couldn´t be cleared.

      By that way i can rework about 50 photos... after the next ones LR will slow down. First sometimes when you press any button... then slower & slower. You have to wait some seconds after pressing the button. Sometimes LR ignores this, sometimes the screen goes white and the result is a prompt: "LR is dead - please restart". With a new start the problem is coming again .. same procedure.

      The computer is ok; I7 with 16GB ram and enough memory; W7prof. 64bit. The other programs are doing their job..

      I can´t remember that LR 5 has had this issue. Have anyone a idea? Does it occure at your pc´s too?