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    lightroom 6 Please help!!


      Running LR6 upgrade, desktop version on Windows 7.


      Had no problems... then did an update on LR4.4 and it started getting buggy. It would load imports halfway then crash and shut down. So upgraded to LR6 thinking my LR 4 was just not keeping up with the times and needed to be upgraded.


      Got LR6 installed and going... has worked 3 days now... and then today... I go to import images and it does the same thing. Now it wont even show the images... saying they are not readable. Oh and I had a corrupt catalog, which was able to be repaired.


      I so dont have the time to be going in circles here dang it... tried calling customer service.. they said for the desktop version I have to do chat.. waited for a support person on chat for 45 min and still nothing... anyone have any ideas on what I can do here!?? PLease and thank you!!


      Desperate for this to get working right!!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Not sure where to begin.


          Was there an error message? If so, please quote it word-for-word.


          In LR 6, try turning off the GPU (Preferences->Performance)


          Corrupt catalog? Use a recent backup


          If you had the problem in LR 4.4 and then the same (are you absolutely sure it is the same?) problem in Lightroom 6, that might indicate a computer problem and not a Lightroom problem.

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            jessw76102392 Level 1

            Computer specs:

            running Windows 7

            16 gb ram

            64 bit op system

            3.30 ghz processer


            My set up options at reboot DO NOT have an option to disable shadow caching in the BIOS section.....

            I have moved several folders worth of images to my online storage to clear up space on the drives... ( we have a main as well as an external..)

            I have run scan disk, defrag... I have run security checks with our antivirus program... I did not install any new hardware... the only thing new installed was the LR6...


            This issue is seriously hindering my work flow. Any help would be appreciated tremendously!!!


            Please and thank you!!!



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              jessw76102392 Level 1

              And I figured out the corrupt catalog.. I had created a new one and didnt save/close it correctly.

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                dj_paige Level 9

                System crashes are almost always caused by a hardware malfunction or bad/corrupted video driver. One thing that often causes this is a malfunctioning fan, causing your computer to overheat, but of course there could be other causes.

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                  jessw76102392 Level 1

                  ended up being a harddrive going bad and a windows line error somewhere... scratched the whole thing and upgraded all my hardware and went to win 10...