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    Inserting Flash content into Storyline for all devices when neither Android nor iOS support SWFs

    jays55219621 Level 1


      • Must work on all devices
      • Play nice with our LMS (SCORM compliant)
      • Be high quality like everything I used to make in Flash - engaging animation & interactivity


      I'm trying to escape the awful world that is using crap like Articulate Storyline, Captivate, etc.


      Storyline can publish as HTML5 but won't support SWFs -- is there anyway to get Flash content (say, it's own published HTML5/JS stuff) into Storyline?


      I've tested a simple animation in Storyline--the SWF is 2 kb, loops, and has transparency but doesn't work with Android or iOS. If I publish from Flash as an MP4, the size is 639 kb, has no transparency, and doesn't loop.


      Please help. All suggestions no matter how crazy are welcome.