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    Print Booklet paper size (Mac)

    Pivot Design Level 1

      Hi all. Having a problem creating a PDF booklet.

      Using Indesign CC on Yosemite 10.10.3.

      Trying to create a PDF (with correct page order for saddle stitching) to send to a remote office for printing on an inkjet desktop printer.

      The document's page size is 6x6" with spreads enabled.

      I want to create a legal size (8.5x14") PDF in landscape orientation to accommodate this.

      Using "Create Booklet", print to postscript.

      Tried using two different PPDs (our xerox printers) as well as 'device independent'.

      When using the xerox PPDs I'm able to select the correct paper size (legal).

      When using 'device independent', the paper size dropdown is disabled.

      In all cases, the resulting .ps file is always a letter size page with the graphics cut off.

      Is there a solution to this?