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    JS to find and replace the character/paragraph style combinations


      Hi All,


      I am new to ID and JS. I am just started my job now. I am trying to learn the indesign/JS.


      Here below what I am trying is to write a script to find and change the character/paragraph style combinations. my code is below,




      app.findTextPreferences = app.changeTextPreferences = null; 

      app.findTextPreferences.appliedParagraphStyle = "H1";

      app.findTextPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = "bold";

      var myF = app.activeDocument.selection[0]; //make sure you are inside a text frame when running the script  .parentStory.findText(true)


      for (var i = 0; i < myF.length; i++)

      app.changeTextPreferences.appliedCharacterStyle = "bold underline";




      alert("All done!\nYou can go outside and play now!"); 


      I have not seen any result in this.


      PS: I am using Extendscript tool for above code.