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    Squashed width output

    u9iouiuljuiouj Level 1

      I am using the preset D1/DV PAL Widescreen (1.46) and When I place content such as images for use the result is squashed widthways in the output display and probably the video output. I can manage with this by just ignoring it and ensuring that I lock aspect ratio on when scaling so if I need to rescale it back to normal in Premiere this content won't be stretched out of proportion but it's still a pain and I don't know why it's happening.


      Any advice?


      Master (0-00-04-08).jpg


      I attach an example. As you can see it is out of proportion. Btw it's supposed to be black and white and simple. It represents a monotonous, literally colourless world. This is not the first project where I've had this issue.



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          u9iouiuljuiouj Level 1

          Note: it may also be lower res as I have AE set to that to speed up performance when editing.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You need to learn about pixel aspect ratios and how to work with them. My suggestion is that you use the Square Pixel PAL Preset (widescreen or standard depends on your project) and then, if you must, render to the appropriate DV format. The problem with working with non-square pixels is that it is very easy to foul things up with the original artwork and the output, and anything you render for the web will be distorted because the web and mobile and hd video is all square pixels. If you want to continue with your current project you can just change the Composition settings to PAL DV Widescreen Square pixels or your can turn on pixel aspect ration correction preview in the composition window. I would strongly suggest working with the Square Pixel preset.


            Personally I would never spend time producing a SD project today. I would just use an HD preset 1920X1080 at the proper frame rate for my audience (29.97 for NTSC countries 25 for PAL). You can always render lower resolution copies with the output module (without adding hardly any extra render time or use the AME to produce your deliverable product using one of the many presets that are included.

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              u9iouiuljuiouj Level 1

              Thanks. Switching to the square pixel preset seems to have done the trick with the dimensions. As you can probably tell I'm (not) an expert on AE.