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    How much room do I need to convert from Aperture?

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      I'm putting together a plan to migrate from Aperture to Lightroom.  My research is coming up short on one particular question... If I use Adobe's plug-in to convert, does it modify the existing Aperture file system, thus converting it to Lightroom's folder structure?  Or, does it, in essence, "duplicate" the files by creating a new set for Lightroom and leaving the existing Aperture intact?


      If it converts the existing file set, I'm fine.  If it duplicates, I'll need to approach it differently - since my Aperture set is about 400GB, and I have about 100GB left on my drive.


      I've nearly worn out G for Google trying to find an answer.  Your assistance is appreciated.



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          photo-enthusiast Level 2

          Put another way, light room will always copy "managed" images in your Aperture library.  It will or will not copy "referenced" images in your Aperture library, depending on the options you choose for migration.


          There's quite a bit of information about this in the forum. You can also see how this works on the test aperture library.


          If you're trying to avoid using too much space, I recommend first backing up your aperture library. Then use one of the guides to show you how to structure. When you import, the files will remain in place, if you choose the appropriate options correctly. Suggest starting with John Beardsworth's migration guide.