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    Renewing student/teacher membership failed - Help!


      I tried to follow the instructions I received when I purchased the CC student/teacher membership renewal through my university's website, which were as follows:


      "To redeem the serial number login to your Adobe account with your Adobe ID and password and enter the new serial

      number when prompted. You will need to wait until your license is close to expiring before you will be able to do this.


      Or you can redeem the serial number by going to http://www.creativecloud.com/educard and follow the directions you will

      find here. You should not do this until your license has expired."


      I chose to follow the second option. I went through the form on the specified website, entered the information it asked for, and entered the new serial number I had received. Everything seemed to be accepted. My account now shows I have two CC memberships, one that expired and one that is active. All the apps worked fine. Today, however, I received a "We are having trouble verifying your membership" dialog stating that I am either offline, or my billing information cannot be verified. I'm always online, and when I went through the renewal I was never prompted for billing information, nor is there any place for me to enter billing info. In the instructions I received, one step stated:


      "Since you did not purchase a license directly from Adobe using a credit card no payment information has been captured by Adobe. You will receive an email remind from Adobe 30 days before your subscription expires."

      So I'm not sure what I am supposed to do at this point. I can't go through the renewal again because it says the renewal code has already been activated. The Adobe CC Desktop App that manages all the updates and applications is now stuck in an "Installing Update" mode. I rely heavily on the Adobe CC apps for my work, so I cannot afford to lose them. I would greatly appreciate any help resolving this problem.