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    special effects in After Effects


      Hi, This is hard to explain. What I would like to achieve is to have a video of me appear to emerge from behind the playing video and then to retreat behind the video later. This  effect is like a person hiding behind curtains who opens the curtains and enters a room and then goes back behind the curtains. Is this achievable in After effects? Thanks. Tom

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is nothing more than layers and masking. If you are shot on a green screen then the background can be removed by keying. If you are not then the option to remove the background becomes more time consuming. It's called Rotoscope and After Effects has a tool called Rotobrush that makes this a lot easier on certain types of footage. Then you just stack up the layers and use masks and distortion or movement to split the original video, have you move through, then repeat the process to move you back. If you are new to AE please start here: Basic Workflow


          There is a lot to learn and you will be nothing but frustrated until you learn the basics of masking, key frames, and rendering.

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            Tomers Level 1

            Thanks Rick,

            I am new to AE so I will investigate this further after I learn the basics. Tom