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    Use php and mysql in Adobe Edge Animate

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      Hi all. I am trying to make a voting widget to place into my website. I do not really know much coding other than HTML and CSS. My website is a mix of handwritten code and work done in Adobe Muse and is being hosted on 1&1.com servers. Can anybody help me out by giving any information or tutorials that will point me in the right direction? This voting system is to be used on a site for a YouTube channel. On the site, each video has it's own page (HTML) which consists of the video and a comments section. I would like to add a voting widget that will allow viewers to select their reaction and keep track of each vote. The following is my layout and design. There are transparent boxes over each choice than I want to act like buttons. When clicked, I would like the corresponding counter to add one. Thanks for any information you are able to provide.

      . design.png