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    FAQ: Why does the Camera & Microphone panel not show my webcam's video?

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      If the Camera & Microphone panel does not show any video (i.e., is a solid gray color), is showing the wrong video, or the video isn't changing, it might be due to one of the following issues:

      • The Camera Input is disabled.
        Check that the Camera Input button at the bottom of the panel. The icon is blue when the input is enabled.
      • The wrong camera source was detected as the default. This might happen if you have multiple webcams attached or have a video capture device (e.g., from Blackmagic Design or AJA).
        See the instructions below for switching to the intended camera (video source).
      • Another application (e.g., Skype or other video chat software, or video capture device) is currently using the webcam when the application is launched. The Camera & Microphone panel might show a "Camera is busy" message when this happens.Try closing other applications before trying to restart Character Animator. If that doesn't help, on Windows, look in Task Manager for existing Character Animator.exe processes that might still be running, and force-quit them.
      • (Windows only) Your machine has an old graphics/display driver or webcam driver.
        Try updating your graphics or webcam driver to the latest supported/qualified driver.


      To choose a different camera source, choose Switch to Next Camera from the panel menu (accessible from the panel's tab) until the intended webcam is active in the panel, or choose Switch to Default Camera to reset to the first webcam. Wait a couple of seconds after choosing either command before trying again.


      If the number of video sources changes during or between sessions, you might need to select the intended source again.


      If none of the above fixes the problem, please submit a bug report with as much detail as possible.