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    FAQ: Why is my scene not showing anything or not showing my puppets?

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      If the Scene panel is completely black, even when no scene is open or when a scene with no puppets is open, the OpenGL capabilities of your graphics (display) driver might not be enough for Character Animator. Updating to the latest supported/qualified graphics driver for your machine's GPU might help. If your machine has a second attached display or video device, try detaching/disconnecting it, restarting the machine, relaunching Character Animator, then reattaching it.


      If the Scene panel used to show your puppets but then stopped showing them, try the following:

      • Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the Scene panel.
      • Hold down the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while clicking the Refresh button. This operation clears cached files.
      • Select the puppet in the Project panel, then click the Add to New Scene button at the bottom of the panel.


      If none of the above fixes the problem, please submit a bug report with as much detail as possible.


      See also this related FAQ: FAQ: How do I diagnose and resolve an OpenGL-related error?