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    Problems with lightroom 5 syncing


      i am having a problem with Lightroom 5. When I sync/auto sync my photos with my preset (let's say 6 at a time, the amount doesnt matter because it does this to all my photos) 3 photos will have the correct basic settings and then the last 3 will have different settings (shadow and blacks will change). This slows down my process of editing because I can't sync all my photos at once I have a few questions regarding this. 1. Do you think it's a bug? 2. Is there a setting in the preferences that I can change the syncing to where I can batch all my photos instead of 3 or 4 at a time? 3. Is there also a way to reinstall lightroom 5 without updating it to lightroom cc since I bought it on the cloud?


      p.s. I found out by using my preset the auto tone is what affects it, so now I have to sync my photos manually. This is awful and im hoping someone could tell me how to change it. I even tried upgrading to Lightroom CC but that has bugs of its own. (crashing right after opening.)