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    No photos found in Fujifilm x100t


      I'm currently on my CC trial (Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC) and am facing two issues that I consider blockers at the moment:


      1. In Lightroom I cannot import photos from my Fujifilm X100T camera. Importing from my Canon EOS 5D Mark II works just fine, but when I connect my X100T to my windows desktop via USB and press Import in Lightroom, all I get is "no photos found". The camera seems to be detected allright by Lightroom, it's just that no photos can be found on it when choosing it on the import dialog. I'm sure I have hundreds of photos on my camera (as I can browse them using the in-camera features).

        Could this be something related to RAW format support? I have the latest Lightroom CC and I've also tried installing all sorts of RAW tools and drivers from Adobe.com and fujifilm.com in order to try to get it working, but no luck there. I believe I've read from some forum post or changelog that X100T is among supported cameras, so what could I be doing wrong here?

      2. When trying to purchase the CC subscription, I press Buy Now on my Creative Cloud app or click the links in CC trial-related marketing emails received from Adobe, and choose the $9.99/month plan for photography bundle for Lightroom + Photoshop.

        However, at some point in the purchase process the price always changes to either £8.57/mo or to 12.39 €/mo, which are (depending on daily rates, respectively) 33% or 39.7% more expensive than the price advertised everywhere.

        Where does the (ridiculously high) extra 33%-40% come from? How can I buy with the price advertised? I've tried different options (pay monthly/annually, purchase multilanguage/single language versions etc.) but I can't get the price back to the original


      Anyone able to help me forward? I only have few days left on my CC trial so any insight would be most welcome. I tried finding an official support channel but apparently the community forums are as good as it goes as pre-sales support for non-corporate individuals.