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    Problem in linking french name, images with names accent letters don't link  InDesign CS6


      Hi all,


      I have a problem with a french file, it contain a about 1025 link (jpg, eps, ai and psd and so.. )   some of these files with French names like "2 étoiles.JPG"  and "  d'hôtes Le Bout",


      I think file created on a French InDesign Ver. but I am using InDesign CS6 English interface on Windows 7, when i open the files it give me a mising links message for all that files with names like that, this about 225 file.



      is there a way to make InDesign recognize and see these files??



      i tried to change the language of my system to French, but that didn't work.


      the only solution is to change file name one by one to change these unreadable later with one can InDesign read it, and re-link all of them one by one. 


      is any one face such a problem like this?




      Thanks in advance