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    Saving Photoshop Element 12 edits in Lightroom on my Mac

    Joel M. Adelman

      I have Lightroom 5 open on my Mac and then, go to Photo, Edit In, and choose Photoshop Elements 12. In Elements 12 I make two types of edits. and have the expectation those edits will be saved in Lightroom next to the original, whenever I press Command-S on my Mac. Unfortunately,  the changes are not transferred and saved to Lightroom 5. Secondly, if I'm in Elements 12 and make my edits there but also use Nik Software (Vicenza) and finish that secondary edit, and then try to save those changes by pressing Command-S, the Save simply does not happen. I imagine I'm missing a step here, but seem to be lost on what that step might be. Can you help, and thank you in advance for taking the time to do this! Simple but very critical step and the answer escapes me despite numerous experimental tries, including Save as a Copy, Don't Save as a Copy, Closing Elements from the top "close Elements" bar not by the Red Dot on my Mac, Closing Elements from the Red Dot and not the formal top bar closing. Seem to have been around the park on almost everything, but no Save to Lightroom.