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    CC Licence help. I'm confused.


      I'm still really confused with the licensing and pricing for Adobe CC


      I run a small video production agency of 3 people from home part time and 1 of us is a university student


      We currently have CS6 and are running on OSX


      We're going to need to upgrade to CC and will need premiere , photoshop, illustrator, after effects..... pretty much the whole works


      We will, of course, be working simultaneously.


      I've looked around online and it looks like I need to purchase a student licences at £15.49 per month, and then two other licences at £45per month


      If so:


      £45.73 per Month x 2 users = £91.46

      x 12 months = £1097.52 just for ONE YEAR?!

      + the student package at £15.49 per month x12 months = £185.88


      So adobe want a grand total of  £1283.40  PER YEAR, just to use the latest software.... Please tell me I'm wrong. There's no way we can afford this.


      I can't get my head around the fact that Adobe wants a monthly subscription to their software now. Surely this is crazy expensive !?


      I purchased CS6 last year but it's already out of date and missing the new features. It feels like they are extortionists and are forcing people into subscribing their money away.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.


      thanks !

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your interpretation of the cost is likely accurate.  If you were a user such that you upgraded every time a new version of software was released (roughly every two years) then you would not be so overcome by the pricing model as it would not be far off from what you were already paying annually all along.  However, for those who do not follow the new release schedule and do not upgrade for every new version, particularly due to funding issues, the CC way of doing business could certainly seem to be as you interpret it.